Quick Update

I’m struggling to juggle all the things lately, and felt an update here was long past due.

I am almost booked for editing for the rest of this year. I have one or two slots and can maybe work in a smaller project, but that’s it. I will probably start booking for 2024 in the fall, so please reach out soon if you’re interested in any of my services.

On the writing front, I am almost finished with Natural Disaster. Then the real work begins with editing, beta readers, and more editing. And I can’t forget marketing. I’m really excited to have a book reviewer lined up already, and I’m hoping to have a few more scheduled before summer hit.

I am the editor and committee co-chair for Ninth Wave Press, and we are in the last stages of publishing an anthology. There are a million last-minute details to handle, which seem to take more time than they should. I know it will be beautiful when it’s done!

My family life hasn’t been any more chaotic than usual, but lately it feels like a lot more. I think it’s because I am up to my ears in writing and editing. I don’t want to share too much here, but suffice it to say having a college graduate, a high school graduate, a daughter active in all the extracurriculars, and two grandkids is keeping me busy.

On top of all of that, I volunteer on the board for my spiritual organization. Some weeks, it’s quiet and slow. Other weeks, there’s a flurry of activity and things that need handled quickly. We’re coming into our busy season with events, so I expect it to be busier very soon.

I think that’s it. But truly, that’s enough.


  1. Fun events and warm weather that’s something to look forward to. It might help keep the momentum. Almost feels as if a count down would be perfect for such a thing!!


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