Writing Should Be Fun

An author friend and I recently created our own writing retreat. Neither one of us has had much time to work on our novels recently, so we spent the night at a local bed-and-breakfast and stayed up late drinking wine and writing. We both feel we got a significant amount of work done during this time. Continue reading “Writing Should Be Fun”

Feeding The Birds

I watch the chickadees in the tree, flitting from branch to branch. Occasionally, one will hop onto the bird feeder and grab some seeds before dashing away with their treat. It’s winter and cold now, colder than usual. The air bites as soon as I step outside, but it smells clean and clear. As I inhale, the cold, clean air fills me, transforms me.

Love One Another

The mask vs no mask debate is tearing us apart. There is a division between those who think masks are vital and those who don’t. There’s also a gray area of people who just want to be able to make their own choices, those who think masks are important to slow the disease but areContinue reading “Love One Another”

Fibromyalgia To Wholeness

This is an outline of my journey from living with incredible pain due to fibromyalgia to wholeness. There wasn’t just one thing that worked. I wish I could say I found the magic solution to fibromyalgia. And I’m not “cured,” not by any means. But I am healthier and happier than I have been in a long time. This is super long so I broke it down by topic. I hope it helps! And feel free to ask me any questions.