“I interviewed three copyeditors for my book, Death SpaceWhile each of the editors had pleasant personalities and brought different skills sets, I chose Alena Orrison. The two qualities I desired most were her experience as an author and editor, and her willingness to offer assistance and structure for the entire publishing process. We discussed her work style, my work style, contract parameters, and specific services.

“She incorporated expectations for her and me in the contract. I like her professionalism and organization. Alena is flexible, adaptable, and conscientious in her work. She completed her editing earlier than expected and offered additional help with the finer details, like the author’s note and book blurb. After working on this project with Alena, I hired her to work with me on a companion series of smaller books to accompany Death Space. The quality of her work is impeccable. Her collaborative style is structured, professional, and engaging. She participated in meetings with me and my marketing expert to brainstorm strategies for publication. Alena Orrison will be my editor for as long as she’ll have me. She comes with my highest recommendation.”

“As a first-time author, I dreaded sending my work to a professional to look over. Alena made the process very easy. She was thorough and competent. Her critiques were helpful and, best of all, encouraging. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an editor.” -J.T. Wright

“Alena is an amazing editor with an attention to detail that matches my own. Her comments are always encouraging and the feedback she gives always improves the stories I write. I have learned so much from her and appreciate her flexibility, support and genuine compassion for me and all the writers on our team.” -Heather Hancock

“You have a deft hand with voice and meaning.” -Azalea Dabill